Ranking Structure

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Detail view of rank structure

Officer Class Ranks - This level has high responsibility to understand and enforce the rules that apply to this community (BPG*). These disciplinary have the will to teach members the rules and to provide a path for better self as a community member.

Class Level (Ranks) MAX count per Squad Team; Primary Color,Secondary Color

Master Class

General (GEN) 1 Member; Black,Gold

Brigadier (BRGD) 1 Member; Black,Silver

Colonel (COLN) 1 Member; Black,Cyan

Commander (COMD) 1 Member; Black,White

Officer of this class is the highest class achieved. Officer in this class knows the rules to determine the situation at hand and can be enforce or be understanding. This takes high responsibility to maintain discipline within the members and/or officers. Officer reports to each other and makes judgments on checks and balance under certain situation. Officer are welcome to openly discuss with Founders for ideas, issues, or personal matter.

Advance Class

Major (MAJR) 1 Member; Gold,Black

Captain (CAPT) 1 Member; Gold,Silver

Chief Warrant Officer (CWRO) 1 Member; Gold,Green

Warrant Officer (WRO) 1 Member; Gold,Blue

Lieutenant (LTN) 6 Members; Gold,White

In this class level members has exceeded expectation and was offered to become the Officer. Officer of this class has a clear understanding of the rules and is able to mentor members to guide them and enforce it when necessary. Officer are to report to higher up within its class or Master Class Officer. Officer are welcome to openly discuss with Founders for ideas, issues, or personal matter.

Basic Class

Master Sergeant (MSRG) 6 Members; Green,Silver

Staff Sergeant (SSRG) 6 Members; Green,Orange

Sergeant (SRGT) 6 Members; Green,White

Specialist (SPEC) 6 Members; Blue,Silver

Corporal (CORP) 6 Members; Red,White

Private First Class (PR1C) 6 Members; White,Red

Private (PRIV) 6 Members; White,White

Members of this class level shows interest in being part of the community and follows the Code of Conduct rules. Members are welcome to share with an Officer class or Founders their ideas, issues, or personal matter.

Rookie Class - Requires for 5 Practice day before advancing to Basic Class

Recruit (REC) x.null Members; Any,Any

This is first time a member was part of the community and have interest to stick around with the community.