Ranking Structure

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Brief view of rank structure

Officer Class Ranks - This level has high responsibility to understand and enforce the rules that apply to this community (BPG*). These disciplinary have the will to teach members the rules and to provide a path for better self.

Class Level (Ranks) MAX count per Squad Team; Primary Color,Secondary Color

Master Class

General (GEN) 1 Member; Black,Gold

Brigadier (BRGD) 1 Member; Black,Silver

Colonel (COLN) 1 Member; Black,Cyan

Commander (COMD) 1 Member; Black,White

Advance Class

Major (MAJR) 1 Member; Gold,Black

Captain (CAPT) 1 Member; Gold,Silver

Chief Warrant Officer (CWRO) 1 Member; Gold,Green

Warrant Officer (WRO) 1 Member; Gold,Blue

Lieutenant (LTN) 6 Members; Gold,White

Basic Class

Master Sergeant (MSRG) 6 Members; Green,Silver

Staff Sergeant (SSRG) 6 Members; Green,Orange

Sergeant (SRGT) 6 Members; Green,White

Specialist (SPEC) 6 Members; Blue,Silver

Corporal (CORP) 6 Members; Red,White

Private First Class (PR1C) 6 Members; White,Red

Private (PRIV) 6 Members; White,White

Rookie Class (Requires for 5 Practice day before advancing to Basic Class or other)

Recruit (REC) x.null Members; Any,Any